17th September 2017



  • Re-emergence of the Russian challenge
  • European far right milieu
  • Research background
  • Aims and structure of the book

Chapter 1: Soviet Russia in the Western Far Right Perspective: Ideology, Collaboration, Active Measures (pictures)

  • Introduction
  • National-Bolshevism: the pro-Russian far right in interwar Germany
  • Reviving the Tauroggen myth: the rise of far right neutralism in West Germany and Austria
  • Towards the European Imperium: the case of Francis Parker Yockey
  • Jean Thiriart: towards the Euro-Soviet Empire from Vladivostok to Dublin
  • Conclusion

Chapter 2. Russia’s Opening to the Western Far Right (pictures)

  • Introduction
  • Aleksandr Dugin and the “red-brown” alliance
  • Vladimir Zhirinovsky and money politics
  • Sergey Glazyev and the economic doomsayers
  • “The Patriotic International”: lobbying for Iraq and Russia
  • Sergey Baburin: hiring the far right celebrities
  • Conclusion

Chapter 3. Putin’s Russia, an Authoritarian Kleptocracy with a Twist (pictures)

  • Introduction
  • The Potemkin state
  • The revival of anti-Westernism
  • The twist
  • The “beacon of hope”
  • Conclusion

Chapter 4. Far Right Election Observers in the Service of the Kremlin’s Domestic and Foreign Policies (pictures)

  • Introduction
  • Eurasian Observatory for Democracy & Elections
  • European Centre for Geopolitical Analysis
  • Cooperation with Civic Control
  • The OSCE obsession
  • Conclusion

Chapter 5. Undermining the West through Mass Media (pictures)

  • Introduction
  • Failing soft power
  • Bringing the rebels
  • Pro-Kremlin “Re-information” Efforts and Structural Media Relations
  • Conclusion

Chapter 6. Far Right Structures in Europe as Pro-Moscow Front Organisations

  • Introduction
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • France
  • Conclusion

Chapter 7. The Moscow-Strasbourg-Brussels Axis

  • Introduction
  • “Collective counselling” in Moscow
  • The parliamentary battlefield in Strasbourg and Brussels
  • Conclusion